If Lucy Fell

You seeing him again?
You probably would.
You´ll see that guy.
You´re probably going to him now.

ROSES Are red, Violets Are Blue
Oh, Jane, how the hell
will I get you to my opening

Will you send me away
Will you kiss me and stop me
From jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge
I´ve wanted to meet you
for such a long time now!

- I don´t put menu.
- You don´t?

- What is this, then, sir?
- I don´t know.

You don´t know what this is?
You don´t?
That´s menu!
That´s menu!

No, no, not menu, no.
All right, go ahead. Fine!
What? Don´t wave at me.
I´m in another league here.
I´m in another league.