If Lucy Fell

That´s not very symbolic.
It´s kind of spelled out.
it sucks.
No, it doesn´t suck,
it´s just that it´s not really...

You know, it´s a literal painting.
It´s not symbolic.

Which is fine.
It´s literal.

Right. Just literally sucks.
No, you´re right.
It just symbolically sucks.

Certainly isn´t
very literal anymore, is it?

It´s symbolic.
Do you believe in...
a big love?
Is that a serious question?
when I was 16...
I was in love with a guy, William.
I was completely absorbed by him.
I felt like I had no sense of autonomy,
no sense of being.

I almost didn´t exist without him.
I couldn´t sleep, eat. I couldn´t
do anything unless he was around.

It was like I was just the same person.
And I thought that
was being madly in love...

or "the big love" as you´d say.
I read an article recently...
about how overrated
this sense of falling in love is.

People just seem to think
it´s all that initial thing.

The flowers, the explosions and...
that excitement you see
when you see someone.

And then what?
No one knows how to maintain that.
That´s what the big love is.
The capacity to reinvent
the relationship...

expand and maintain the feeling.
And not feel that if you don´t have it,
then it´s not working.

You walk out and find it elsewhere.
No, that big love you´re talking about,
I think...

that´s just for lovers.