Independence Day

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
- Wait. This is not checkmate.
- See you tomorrow, Pop.

Hold on! This is not checkmate.
Oh... Checkmate!
We've got everybody we have
working on the problem.

I love X-Files too. I hope you get to see it.
David! What's the point in having a beeper
if you don't turn it on?

I was ignoring you.
What's the big emergency?
It started this morning.
Every station's making like it's the 1950s.

We got static, snow, all kinds of distortions.
Nobody knows...

There's a reason
we have bins labelled "Recycle".

What the hell is going on? My God in heaven!
So sue me. David! We got a problem!
Did you switch transponder channels?
Please! You think I'd be this panicked
if it was so simple?

OK, let's point the dish at another satellite.
We tried that. lt didn't work.
It's almost as though they weren't there.

All right. What have we got here?
This is impossible.
- The signal's all screwed up.
- Stop it! Just leave it alone. You'll break it!

It's so fuzzy.
Oh, no.
Morning, Lucas.
You see these?
I got a whole goddamn crop full ofthese.

If your father's not in the air in 20 minutes,
I'm getting someone else.