Independence Day

Take us to DEFCON 3.
- Please say we're gettin' somewhere.
- There's good and bad news.

- What's the bad news?
- There's a penalty for disturbing my lunch.

And the good news is you won't charge me.
No. The good news is that
the problem is not our equipment,

but a weird signal
embedded in the satellite feed.

That's the good news?
Yes. It has a sequential pattern.
Once I find the exact binary sequence,

I can calculate the phase reversal
and apply it.

We should be able to block it out.
And then we'll be the only guys in town
with a clear picture!

Yes! Yes! David! That's why I love you!
That's not necessary. Too kind.
- This had better be good.
- Admiral on deck!

Sir, we're looking at a total radar blackout
over a 13km area.

- Let's do a diagnostic check.
- Excuse me, sir.

The radar may be malfunctioning,
but the infrared is totally off the map.

Get me Atlantic Command on line.
Hang on, sir.
Sir, we have visual range with incoming
over Iraql air space.

- Second sighting?
- Yes, sir. Just came in from the Persian Gulf.