Independence Day

- This had better be good.
- Admiral on deck!

Sir, we're looking at a total radar blackout
over a 13km area.

- Let's do a diagnostic check.
- Excuse me, sir.

The radar may be malfunctioning,
but the infrared is totally off the map.

Get me Atlantic Command on line.
Hang on, sir.
Sir, we have visual range with incoming
over Iraql air space.

- Second sighting?
- Yes, sir. Just came in from the Persian Gulf.

Correction, sir.
We have two confirmed visual contacts.
Mr President, they're tracking another one
off the California coastline!

All right, put it on.
General, you might wanna watch this.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are interrupting ourregularbroadcast

to bring you extraordinary events
taking place in Russia.

This unexplained disturbance
and the resulting hysteria are incredible.

How would you describe
what you are seeing?

lt is clearing the mountains,
moving too slowly to be a comet ormeteor.

Widespread panic
has gripped the countryside as

thousands have taken to the streets.
lt is confirmed. The unexplained
phenomenon is headed for Moscow.

We have an AWAC offthe West Coast.
ETA with contact point, three minutes.
Don't understand it, sir.
Side radar doesn't see a thing.

l know! I'm blind, sir.
Nothing is registering.