Independence Day

We have zero visibility. Visibility is at zero.

Command, this is Eagle Eye 370.
Captain, the President is listening.
Repeat what you just told me.

We still have zero visibility.
lnstrumentation is malfunctioning.
We can't get any kind of reading
on what's in front of us.

Wait a minute.
lt maybe clearing.
Pull out!
- Line's gone, sir.
- Two more spotted over the Atlantic.

One's moving toward New York,
the other here.

- How long do we have?
- Less than 10 minutes.

Mr President, I recommend
we move you to a secure location.

- Connie, can we expect the same panic?
- More than likely.

- We can discuss this on the way.
- I'm not leaving.

We have to maintain a working government.
Take the Vice President, the whole cabinet,
and the Joint Chiefs to a secured location.

I'm staying.
I don't want to add to a public hysteria
that's gonna cost lives.

Connie, we'll initiate
the emergency broadcast system.

We'll advise people not to panic.
The best idea right now
is to stay in their homes.

Yes, sir. Roy? Dean?
Have the cabinet members rendez vous here.
We'll take them to NORAD.

Mr President, with your permission,
I'd like to remain at your side.

l had a feeling you would.
What happens if they do become hostile?
Then God help us.
There it is.
The strange atmospheric phenomenon.

lt is apparently what is causing
all the distortions...