Independence Day

- Connie, can we expect the same panic?
- More than likely.

- We can discuss this on the way.
- I'm not leaving.

We have to maintain a working government.
Take the Vice President, the whole cabinet,
and the Joint Chiefs to a secured location.

I'm staying.
I don't want to add to a public hysteria
that's gonna cost lives.

Connie, we'll initiate
the emergency broadcast system.

We'll advise people not to panic.
The best idea right now
is to stay in their homes.

Yes, sir. Roy? Dean?
Have the cabinet members rendez vous here.
We'll take them to NORAD.

Mr President, with your permission,
I'd like to remain at your side.

l had a feeling you would.
What happens if they do become hostile?
Then God help us.
There it is.
The strange atmospheric phenomenon.

lt is apparently what is causing
all the distortions...

David, are you watching this?
There is no evidence that
these phenomena are endangering anyone.

Thus far, reports of oppression...
Marty, I got a lock on that signal pattern
so we can filter it out.

But if my calculations are right,
it'll be gone in seven hours.

It's reducing itself every time it recycles
so eventually it'll disappear.

- Are you listening?
- Can you believe this?

Haven't you been watching? David!
Good afternoon. So far the phenomenon
has not caused any damage.

We have to ask you to stay calm,
and it's important for everyone not to panic.

We have a fix on three
of the occurrences about to appear...

- It's just unreal.
- Miguel, come here!

One is headed towards Los Angeles.
The other two are headed towards New York
and Washington, DC.