Independence Day

David, are you watching this?
There is no evidence that
these phenomena are endangering anyone.

Thus far, reports of oppression...
Marty, I got a lock on that signal pattern
so we can filter it out.

But if my calculations are right,
it'll be gone in seven hours.

It's reducing itself every time it recycles
so eventually it'll disappear.

- Are you listening?
- Can you believe this?

Haven't you been watching? David!
Good afternoon. So far the phenomenon
has not caused any damage.

We have to ask you to stay calm,
and it's important for everyone not to panic.

We have a fix on three
of the occurrences about to appear...

- It's just unreal.
- Miguel, come here!

One is headed towards Los Angeles.
The other two are headed towards New York
and Washington, DC.

Jamie says this building
has an old bomb shelter.

- We're heading down there now.
- Everybody! Head down to the basement.

Take it slow, don't run.
Walk down to the basement!

There's no shame in hiding.
I'd better call my mother.
Well, look who we have here.
Russ, I heard you had a little trouble this
morning. Dusted the wrong field.

l know you're probably still a little confused
from your hostage experience.

Hostage experience?
Did something happen to you, Russ?

Years back he was kidnapped by aliens.
Did all kind of experiments on him and such.