Independence Day

Babe, you want some ofthis coffee?
Pentagon offllcials are warning
more ships have arrived

over the capitals
of India, Englandand Germany,

bringing estimates up to between 10 and 15
of these city-size spacecraft.

I know, Ma. Just try and stay calm.
- Tell her to leave town.
- Why? What happened?

- Just do it!
- Ma, listen!

Get your stuff together
and head for Aunt Esther's.

Don't argue with me! Just go!
David! Why did I just
send my mother to Atlanta?

David, talk to me.
The signal in the satellite feed is recycling
down to extinction. Didn't you hear me?

- Not really.
- Countdown.

A countdown? To what, David?
It's like in chess.
First you strategically position your pieces.

Then, when the timing's right,
you strike. See?

They're positioning themselves everywhere
using one signal to synchronise their efforts.

ln about six hours, the signal's gonna
disappear and the countdown will be over.

And then what?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, I gotta call my brother.
I'd better call my housekeeper,
and my lawyer!

Ah, forget my lawyer.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the President ofthe United States.

Good afternoon.
My fellow Americans,
a historic and unprecedented event
has occurred.

The question of whether or not
we're alone in the universe

has been answered.