Independence Day

- Not really.
- Countdown.

A countdown? To what, David?
It's like in chess.
First you strategically position your pieces.

Then, when the timing's right,
you strike. See?

They're positioning themselves everywhere
using one signal to synchronise their efforts.

ln about six hours, the signal's gonna
disappear and the countdown will be over.

And then what?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, I gotta call my brother.
I'd better call my housekeeper,
and my lawyer!

Ah, forget my lawyer.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the President ofthe United States.

Good afternoon.
My fellow Americans,
a historic and unprecedented event
has occurred.

The question of whether or not
we're alone in the universe

has been answered.
Although it's understandable
that many of us feel hesitation or fear,

we must attempt to reserve judgment.
He says he's your husband.
Oh, God.
- What do you want?
- You gotta leave the White House.

This is hardly the time
to be having that old discussion.

You gotta leave Washington.
ln case you haven't noticed,
we are having a little crisis here!

They have a hidden signal.
They're gonna attack.

- You are just being paranoid!
- It's not paranoia!

The embedding's very subtle.
lt was probably overlooked...

Marty, get out oftown
as soon as you can. Please?

The staff and I will remain here
as we attempt to communicate.

If you feel compelled to leave these cities,
please do so in an orderly fashion.