Independence Day

Although it's understandable
that many of us feel hesitation or fear,

we must attempt to reserve judgment.
He says he's your husband.
Oh, God.
- What do you want?
- You gotta leave the White House.

This is hardly the time
to be having that old discussion.

You gotta leave Washington.
ln case you haven't noticed,
we are having a little crisis here!

They have a hidden signal.
They're gonna attack.

- You are just being paranoid!
- It's not paranoia!

The embedding's very subtle.
lt was probably overlooked...

Marty, get out oftown
as soon as you can. Please?

The staff and I will remain here
as we attempt to communicate.

If you feel compelled to leave these cities,
please do so in an orderly fashion.

Excuse me! Coming through.
The arrival of the aliens has caused over
10,000 fender benders in just a few seconds.

But this is just the beginning...
- You can't go! You got to call them back!
- I'm not gonna do this with you, Jasmine.

- I've got to report to El Toro.
- You said you was on leave for the Fourth!

Well, they cancelled it!
Look, why are you acting like this?
That's why!
Look, I really don't think they flew 90 billion
light years to come and start a fight,

and get all rowdy.
Why don't you just relax? I'm gonna report
to El Toro, find out what's goin' on.