Independence Day

I am going over there as soon as I get off.
- Do you wanna come?
- Tiffany, listen to me a sec.

I've got a really bad feeling about this.
I don't want you to go.

Oh, like the really bad feeling you got
when I went to Las Vegas?

And I was right. You didn't get the job
and you lost all your money gambling.

Yeah, but I wasn't in LA for the earthquake.
Tiff, I really don't want you to go up there.
Now promise me you won't.
Come on, girl! Promise me.
l promise.
I'm going. I'm out of town for a while.
- Later.
- Bye.

Hey, there's my angel. Come on.
Come on, Boomer. Let's go.
Hey, talk to your boyfriend later.
Hey! What the hell's the kid doin' here? Huh?
- You try finding a sitter today.
- Hey! Where are you going?

- You leave. You're fired.
- Nice workin' with you, Mario.

Come on, Boomer.
Everyone is trying to get out of Washington.
We're the only schmucks trying to get in.

What the hell's that?
Part of any phone books of Amerikans.
You think a important person
like Constance are in listing?

She always keeps her portable phone
listed for emergencies.

Sometimes it's her first initial,
sometimes her nickname.

- Sometimes just her...
- Oy, my God!

Hey, hey, hey! Slow down!
- Pit stops!
- Tell them!

Slow down!
A ramp!
Slow down!
- We made it!
- Good.

- Nice drivin', Pops.
- Well...

- So, not listed, huh?
- No, no. I just haven't found it yet.