Independence Day

Man, you know I really like Jasmine.
You know that, right?
Man, you never can you get to fly a spaceship
if you marry spill.

:38:23 could only happen in California.
Here's Wendy Walsh with a special report.

Hundreds of UFO fanatics have gathered
on rooftops in Los Angeles

to welcome the newarrivals.
Oh, God! I hope they bring back Elvis!
I just came in to get my check tonight
and I got talked into working.

Oh, I must have been trippin'.
It's the party event ofthe century!
Everyone is invited,
especially you-know-who.

- This is so cool!
- Girl, please!

Oh, hey! I made it before I came in.
Check it out!
I know you're not gonna join those idiots.
I am going over there as soon as I get off.
- Do you wanna come?
- Tiffany, listen to me a sec.

I've got a really bad feeling about this.
I don't want you to go.

Oh, like the really bad feeling you got
when I went to Las Vegas?

And I was right. You didn't get the job
and you lost all your money gambling.

Yeah, but I wasn't in LA for the earthquake.
Tiff, I really don't want you to go up there.
Now promise me you won't.
Come on, girl! Promise me.
l promise.
I'm going. I'm out of town for a while.
- Later.
- Bye.

Hey, there's my angel. Come on.
Come on, Boomer. Let's go.
Hey, talk to your boyfriend later.
Hey! What the hell's the kid doin' here? Huh?
- You try finding a sitter today.
- Hey! Where are you going?

- You leave. You're fired.
- Nice workin' with you, Mario.