Independence Day

- I told you he wouldn't listen.
- You have to tell him now.

David, you have to tell him!
David, tell him!

I know why we have satellite disruption.
All right. Go ahead.
Let's say that you wanted to coordinate with
spaceships on different sides ofthe Earth.

They couldn't send a direct signal, right?
- You mean line of sight?
- Right. The curve of the Earth prevents it.

You'd need satellites to relay that signal
in order to reach each ship.

Well, I found a signal hidden
inside our own satellite system.

Excuse me, Mr President. They're starting.
They're using our own satellites against us.
The clock is ticking.
- Bringing it in to hover.
- Welcome Wagon,

Echo One. Approaching alien ship.
Initiating communication sequence.
Welcome Wagon has commenced.
General Grey, coordinate with the Atlantic
Command. Tell them to evacuate the cities.

Get those helicopters away from the ship.
Call them back!

- What the hell's going on?
- We're leaving. Kim! My daughter.

Something's happening.
They're responding.
It looks like there's activity.
This may be a response, Echo One.

We see it too. Can't identify it.