Independence Day

- Bringing it in to hover.
- Welcome Wagon,

Echo One. Approaching alien ship.
Initiating communication sequence.
Welcome Wagon has commenced.
General Grey, coordinate with the Atlantic
Command. Tell them to evacuate the cities.

Get those helicopters away from the ship.
Call them back!

- What the hell's going on?
- We're leaving. Kim! My daughter.

Something's happening.
They're responding.
It looks like there's activity.
This may be a response, Echo One.

We see it too. Can't identify it.
We are evacuating. I repeat,
we are evacuating the White House.

Load the rest of the staff
in the second helicopter.

- Is my wife in the air?
- She will be shortly.

Nice. Very nice.
Good! Close the door! Hatch secure!
We have our own phone.
Move outta here.
The President's ordered an evacuation.
Our prayers go out to the pilots' families.
- Indeed, God help us all.
- Mrs Whitmore.

The visitors responded with terrifying...
Authorities have called for
the evacuation of Los Angeles County.

People are advised to avoid
the highways wherever possible.

Great! Now he tells me.