Independence Day

What happened, Mommy?
l don't know, baby.
You men will be the first wave
in our counter attack.

Our target is to the north,
centred above what remains
of downtown Los Angeles.

Our Black Knight Squadron...
- Are you scared, man?
- Nope.

- You?
- Nope.

- Hold me!
- Hey, pay attention.

Something you wanna add, Captain Hiller?
No, sir. Just a little anxious
to whup ET's ass, that's all.

You'll get your chance.
You'll all get your chance.
Good hunting. Dismissed!
Let's kick the tyres and light the fires,
Big Daddy!

Ready to go, sir!
Let's bring it home.
Bring that bad boy home, Captain!

- You loose?
- Yes, sir!

- Got your victory dance?
- Oh, I got it right here... yeah!

Hey, don't get pre-patrol on me.
We don't light up till the fat lady sings.

I'm all ears, brother!
You the man!
- All right, gentlemen, we're on.
- General, it's NORAD.

- General Grey here.
- Al?

All communications with the cities are down.
- All systems gone.
- For intelligence, we believe it's a total loss.

How about our boys? Where are they?
ETA to target, four minutes.