Independence Day

Let's kick the tyres and light the fires,
Big Daddy!

Ready to go, sir!
Let's bring it home.
Bring that bad boy home, Captain!

- You loose?
- Yes, sir!

- Got your victory dance?
- Oh, I got it right here... yeah!

Hey, don't get pre-patrol on me.
We don't light up till the fat lady sings.

I'm all ears, brother!
You the man!
- All right, gentlemen, we're on.
- General, it's NORAD.

- General Grey here.
- Al?

All communications with the cities are down.
- All systems gone.
- For intelligence, we believe it's a total loss.

How about our boys? Where are they?
ETA to target, four minutes.
- I shouldn't have left her.
- Don't worry about it, big man.

I'm sure she got outta here
before it happened.

Or, as the good Reverend would say:
"Why we're on this particular mission,
we'll never know."

"But I do know, here today,
that the Black Knights
will emerge victorious once again."

- Amen, man!
- Amen, Reverend.

Holy God!
Lock and load!
Roger that.
LA attack squadron
has Amraam missiles locked on target.

Washington and New York squadrons
report lock-on.