Independence Day

She's a beaut, ain't she?
As you can see from the repairs, we've been
trying to put her back together since the '60s.

You've had this for 40 years
and you know nothing about 'em?

Oh, hell, no.
We know tons about 'em.

But the neatest stuff...
The neatest stuff has
only happened in the last few days.

We can't duplicate their type of power
so we've never been able to experiment.

But since these guys started showing up,
all the little gizmos inside turned on.

The last 24 hours have been really exciting!
Exciting? People are dying out there.
Exciting isn't the word
I'd choose to describe it!

You're hoping to fly this thing, huh?
You said you can repair their technology.
Can you tell us anything useful about them?

Yeah. Well, I mean...
They're not all that dissimilar from us.

Breathes oxygen,
comparable tolerances to heat, cold.

Probably why they're interested in our planet.
You guys wanna see 'em?
This is...
This is the vault.
Or, as some of us have come to call it...
..the freak show.