Independence Day

You're hoping to fly this thing, huh?
You said you can repair their technology.
Can you tell us anything useful about them?

Yeah. Well, I mean...
They're not all that dissimilar from us.

Breathes oxygen,
comparable tolerances to heat, cold.

Probably why they're interested in our planet.
You guys wanna see 'em?
This is...
This is the vault.
Or, as some of us have come to call it...
..the freak show.
When we found 'em,
they were wearing
some sort of biomechanical suits.

Once we got 'em off,
we learned a great deal about their anatomy.

Eyes, ears. No vocal chords.
We assume they communicate
with each other by some other means.

You're obviously not thinking
about hand signals and body language.

It's some kind of extrasensory perception.

It's an organic life form.
- Can they be killed?
- Their bodies are just as frail as ours.

These two died in the crash.
This one a few weeks later.
You just have to get through
their technology, which is,

I'm sorry to say, far more advanced.