Independence Day

I'm sorry, Captain. You don't have clearance.
OK. Come here.
You wanna see my clearance?
- Maybe I'll just leave this here with you.
- Let 'em pass.

Get the hell out of the way!
Did you see that?
Come on down.
Watch your step.
Well, obviously this cockpit
was designed to seat three.

Though how they sat on them, I don't know.
You see these gizmos flashing?
We've been workin' around the clock
trying to get a fix on all this.

Some stuff we figured out right away.
This we're pretty sure
is the life support for the cabin.

And this doohickey is connected to...
Oh... Well, it was connected to the engine.
Here, take that, will ya?

These configurations...
Well, to be honest,
we don't know what the hell this crap is.

But this is clearly what they use
to guide and navigate their craft.

Neat, huh?
Could somebody grab my laptop there?
Can I have the computer inside?

These patterns are repeating sequentially,
like their countdown signal.

They're using that frequency
for computer communications.

See? That's how
they're coordinating their ships.

You know...
You're really starting to make us look bad.
They got one! They got one alive!
- They got one. Alive!
- Jesus!

You'll be OK by yourself, Dave?
- Fine.
- Don't touch anything.

Everybody's always telling me
not to touch anything.