Independence Day

Well, to be honest,
we don't know what the hell this crap is.

But this is clearly what they use
to guide and navigate their craft.

Neat, huh?
Could somebody grab my laptop there?
Can I have the computer inside?

These patterns are repeating sequentially,
like their countdown signal.

They're using that frequency
for computer communications.

See? That's how
they're coordinating their ships.

You know...
You're really starting to make us look bad.
They got one! They got one alive!
- They got one. Alive!
- Jesus!

You'll be OK by yourself, Dave?
- Fine.
- Don't touch anything.

Everybody's always telling me
not to touch anything.

Oh! It's all wet.
Right here! In the back of the pickup.
General, sir. Captain Steven Hiller,
United States Marine Corps.

Guess who's comin' to dinner!
I need a doctor.
I need a doctor!
Oh, boy!
- How long has he been unconscious?
- About three hours.

- Let's get him in containment.
- My son is very sick. He needs attention!

He's drying out.
l want him sprayed down with saline.

He has a problem with his adrenal cortex!

If you don't do something right now,
my son will die!

- Just help him!
- Okay. O'Haver, Miller, you come with us.