Independence Day

I was part of something special.
Well, if it makes any difference,
l never stopped loving you.

But that wasn't enough, was it?
Let's pick it up, man. Let's go!
Let's pick it up, man!
We're on a tight schedule! Pick it up, man!

Pick it up!
What the hell are you doin'? Get outta there!
l got something I gotta handle.
I'm borrowin' it.

- No, you're not, sir.
- Do you really wanna shoot me?

Just tell 'em I hit you.
Command, this is Retal Op.
Squadron is in the air.
We are on station and awaiting instructions.

Break formation. Head to targets.
They're breaking formation.
- We're initiating sequence code.
- Verification: Alpha Zulu six eight niner.

Which city will be reached first?
Houston, Texas.
ETA, six minutes and counting down.

- Houston.
- The major cities have been deserted.

Civilian casualties should
be down to a minimum.