Independence Day

Let's pick it up, man!
We're on a tight schedule! Pick it up, man!

Pick it up!
What the hell are you doin'? Get outta there!
l got something I gotta handle.
I'm borrowin' it.

- No, you're not, sir.
- Do you really wanna shoot me?

Just tell 'em I hit you.
Command, this is Retal Op.
Squadron is in the air.
We are on station and awaiting instructions.

Break formation. Head to targets.
They're breaking formation.
- We're initiating sequence code.
- Verification: Alpha Zulu six eight niner.

Which city will be reached first?
Houston, Texas.
ETA, six minutes and counting down.

- Houston.
- The major cities have been deserted.

Civilian casualties should
be down to a minimum.

Command, this is Neighbourhood Watch.
We are in position.

Tracking monitors are locked on.
We are going to visual recon.
- We have confirmation.
- Launch code confirmed.

Alpha Zulu six eight niner, standing by.
Laser targeting.
Locked on.
We're locked on, sir.
Do you wish to deploy?

Mr President,
if you wish to deploy, the time is now.

- Mr President?
- Deploy.

That's a go. Alpha Zulu six eight niner.
Here we go.