Independence Day

- What the hell are you doing?
- I'm makin' a mess!

Yeah. This I can see.
We gotta burn this toxic waste,
pollute the air and rip up the ozone!

Cos maybe if we screw
this planet up enough...

..they won't want it any more.
Wait. David.
- Don't do this to yourself. Listen to me.
- I'm listening.

Everyone loses faith
at some point in their life. Even myself.

I haven't spoken to God
since your mother died.

You see, sometimes
we have to remember what we still have.

Like what?
Well, you still have your health.
David, you need your rest.
Come on! Get off this freezing floor
before you catch cold. Come on!

- What did you just say?
- About faith?

- Well, you see, a man...
- No.

- The other part.
- What? I don't want you to catch cold.

What is that? What is the matter with you?
- Genius.
- Genius?

My dad. A total genius.
Jerry, wake up.
We got work to do.
Get everybody down here right away.

- Look at that!
- Wow!

- Does that thing really fly in outer space?
- It most certainly does.

- Sure doesn't look like it.
- They're here.

- All right, what's this all about?
- I have no idea.