Independence Day

Well, you still have your health.
David, you need your rest.
Come on! Get off this freezing floor
before you catch cold. Come on!

- What did you just say?
- About faith?

- Well, you see, a man...
- No.

- The other part.
- What? I don't want you to catch cold.

What is that? What is the matter with you?
- Genius.
- Genius?

My dad. A total genius.
Jerry, wake up.
We got work to do.
Get everybody down here right away.

- Look at that!
- Wow!

- Does that thing really fly in outer space?
- It most certainly does.

- Sure doesn't look like it.
- They're here.

- All right, what's this all about?
- I have no idea.

Get everybody off.
Right, clear the platform. Let's go.

- Major Mitchell. Do you have a pistol?
- What?

- Have you got a gun?
- Sergeant, your sidearm.

See that Coke can on top of the alien craft?
Think you can shoot that thing off?

- Shoot it.
- Sir?

Go ahead.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I'm sorry. My fault.

That Coke can was protected
by the craft's shield.

- We can't penetrate it.
- What's your point?

My point is, if we can't beat their defences,
then we gotta get around them.

Major. One more time... Any time.