James and the Giant Peach

Where are you going, yank?

I'm going stir crazy.
I gotta look around, plan our
escape from Spiker and Sponge.

Escape? To where?
We'll be squashed.
Squatted. Smooshed!

No-one's going
to smoosh you, my dear boy.

You're six feet long now.
Bigger target.
Let them come.
I'll take 'em both on.

I'm indefeatable.
I'm indivisible. I'm...

- Whoa!
- In trouble!

It's Spiker and Sponge.
They've found us.

Oh, no. It's the lad
from the house.

- What's his name?
- Miserable tick.

I thought it was
rotten little grub.

No, that's what
those horrible aunts call him.

His real name is...
Well, it's...

- It's James.
- Aaah!

Look what you've done now, miss.
Scared him to death.
Please, don't eat me!
Eat you?
Hey, Glow-worm.
Turn up your lights.

I'm a vegetarian.
I eat dirt.
No-one will eat you, James.
Nah. She'll just puncture your
head and suck out the brains.

That I am saving for you.
Whoa! Pretty fast, long legs.