Jerry Maguire

- You don't know diddley about golf!
- ...some don't.

I'm the guy you don't usually see.
I'm behlnd the scenes.
I'm the sports agent.

- I'm gonna hurt you this year.
- Hi, Jerry.

My door's always open if you want
to come and get a real agent.

I'm going to a meeting right now
to talk about you.

- We've got to win Super Bowls.
- Jerry, how are you doing?

- Who much is this gonna cost me?
- I know what you can afford.

I'll write it down for you.
- I can't afford that.
- Winning isn't cheap.

The new player and owner photo.
That's me on the left.

This is where I work. SMI.
Sports Management International.

33 agents guiding the careers
of 1,685 finely-tuned athletes.

I handle the lives of 72 clients
and get 264 phone calls a day.

I will not rest until you're holding
a coke in your own commercial, -

- broadcast during a Super Bowl
game that you're winning.

It's what I do best.
I started noticing
a few years ago...

In the quest for the big dollar,
little things were golng wrong.

There's no proof of anything.
This guy is a sensational athlete.

Are you Calvin Nack?
Can you sign my card?

I'm sorry, little fella, I can't.
- Only Pro-Jam Blue Dot cards.
- I just wanted an autograph.

Lately, it's gotten worse.