Jerry Maguire

I handle the lives of 72 clients
and get 264 phone calls a day.

I will not rest until you're holding
a coke in your own commercial, -

- broadcast during a Super Bowl
game that you're winning.

It's what I do best.
I started noticing
a few years ago...

In the quest for the big dollar,
little things were golng wrong.

There's no proof of anything.
This guy is a sensational athlete.

Are you Calvin Nack?
Can you sign my card?

I'm sorry, little fella, I can't.
- Only Pro-Jam Blue Dot cards.
- I just wanted an autograph.

Lately, it's gotten worse.
Hi, baby.
Do you know your name?
Wait, it's coming...
My name is Steve Remo.

I play for Chicago.
This lady here is my wife.

This is my boy. And this is...
Wait... My agent!
I've got to play this weekend, Doc.
I've got to play 65% of my games.

I've got to get the bonus.
- Okay, Jesse, take care.
- Mr. Maguire...

This is his fourth concussion.
Shouldn't he stop?

It would take a tank
to stop your dad.

It would take all five
Super Trooper Warriors.