Jerry Maguire

The way we're supposed
to help them in health and injury.

With so many clients,
we had forgotten what was important.

I wrote and wrote ...
and I'm not even a writer.

I was remembering my mentor
Dicky Fox, who said:

The key to this business
is personal relationships.

Suddenly, it was all clear.
The answer was fewer clients.

Less money. Caring for them
and caring for ourselves.

Just starting our lives... really!
I'll be the first to admit,
what I was writing was touchy-feely.

I didn't care. It was the me
I'd always wanted to be.

I went out and
printed up 110 copies.

Even the cover looked like
the "Catcher in the Rye".

I entitled it, "The Things
We Think and Do Not Say".

"The Future of Our Business"
That's how you become great, man.
Hang your balls out there.

Everybody got a copy.
Some of the animals out there
walk on two feet.

Society needs protection
from these warped minds.

This is Jerry Maguire.
Those manuscripts...

Oh, they did?
No, that's fine, thank you.