Jerry Maguire

- Are you with the sports people?
- Jerry Maguire, SMI.

Bobbi Fallon, BPI.
I'm producing the Coke commercials.

Good luck.
My son is really allergic
to the blanket material...

That's all we have, okay?
- I'm sorry if I was rude just now.
- That's okay. We're both in it now.

Why is it so easy to talk to you?
Tell me about your fiancée.

Honey, are you all right?
Do you want some juice?

Thank you.
We're out hiking.

I've got the ring in my pocket.
I'm a little nervous.

She says to me... Get this:
"Hurry up, klutz."

It bothered me somewhat.
I got quiet. Then she got quiet.

I decide not to propose.
The mood isn't right.

But I know that she knows
that I was going to propose.

- So we check back into the hotel.
- How sad.

Little do I know, but my assistant
presumes I've now proposed.

She's got the lounge band to play
"Here Comes The Bride".

There's football players watching
and an ESPN crew.

So I turn to her and grandly say:
"Goddess of Rock Climbing,
would you marry a klutz?"

I took out the ring.
I don't much like big scenes, -

- but she said "yes"
right there ln the lobby.

The toughest men in football wept.