Jerry Maguire

It bothered me somewhat.
I got quiet. Then she got quiet.

I decide not to propose.
The mood isn't right.

But I know that she knows
that I was going to propose.

- So we check back into the hotel.
- How sad.

Little do I know, but my assistant
presumes I've now proposed.

She's got the lounge band to play
"Here Comes The Bride".

There's football players watching
and an ESPN crew.

So I turn to her and grandly say:
"Goddess of Rock Climbing,
would you marry a klutz?"

I took out the ring.
I don't much like big scenes, -

- but she said "yes"
right there ln the lobby.

The toughest men in football wept.
- We're getting married in February.
- You'll stay married forever.

- What's wrong, Mom?
- First Class is what's wrong.

It used to be a better meal,
now it's a better life.

Ray! Come on, buddy.
- Ray!
- Excuse me, can I help you?

Jerry Maguire.
- I work in your office.
- You're Dorothy Boyd in accounts.

By your desk is a photo of Einstein
with Shaquille O'Neal's body.

- That's pretty good.
- What did you lose here?

My son... My mind.