Jerry Maguire

Playing chicken with the traffic.
Your life flashing before you.

- I've had too much coffee.
- It's no problem.

There's my sister Laurel,
to pick us up.

Ray... Dorothy... a pleasure.
Hi, Ray. Hi, you.
I'm double parked, let's go.

Is this everything?
Whoever snagged him
must be some classy babe.

Whoever snagged him
must be some classy babe.

Don't ever stop fucking me!
Sooner or later
we'll have to stop!

Never been better...

Never better!
Open your eyes. If you want it,
I'd go with another woman for you.

I'm not interested in it, anymore.
It was a phase. A college thing.
Like torn Levis
or law school for you.

Want some fruit from the kitchen?
- Do you have to tell me everything?
- That's what intimacy is.

- We're eating out tomorrow night.
- I know about the bachelor party.

Your buddies worked hard for this.
The guys from the office are coming.

Relax, act surprised,
and have an amazing time.