Jerry Maguire

Never been better...

Never better!
Open your eyes. If you want it,
I'd go with another woman for you.

I'm not interested in it, anymore.
It was a phase. A college thing.
Like torn Levis
or law school for you.

Want some fruit from the kitchen?
- Do you have to tell me everything?
- That's what intimacy is.

- We're eating out tomorrow night.
- I know about the bachelor party.

Your buddies worked hard for this.
The guys from the office are coming.

Relax, act surprised,
and have an amazing time.

Hey, old college-buddy.

- For you.
- Thank you.

And this. The finest cigar
my club has to offer.

This is what it's all about, man.
Everybody loves you.

It pisses me off!
Whether you're country,
a red-neck or a freak...

Young or old,
from Moscow, London or Memphis...

Jerry Maguire will still be
the king of rock and roll.

- Your little black book.
- He makes my heart pound.