Jerry Maguire

That's a mistake.
I'm concerned about your family
and your future.

I go back a long way with SMI.
Is Maguire black?
Bob Sugar?
He's... entertaining, funny...

I'm Mr. Black People!
Don't make this harder than it is.
I've got to be honest,
this is very distressing for me.

Remember that stripper
at Laguna Beach? Her name was April.

I remember things.
It's not the money. I do it for you.

- I'm still holding for Katarina.
- I'm talking big money.

Are you in or out?
This is business not friendship.

You are in... that's good.
I want to cry
for what they did to you.

If it wasn't for the Acura deal,
you know I'd go with you.

Jerry. Oh, God!
Call waiting.
Who could be calling me now?

- Hi, Kathy Sanders.
- Still me, Kathy.

Kathy, why are you crying?
Oh... so you're in.

Rod, it's Jerry Maguire.
Jerry Maguire! How am I doing?
I'll tell you. I'm sweating.
Where's my contract?

Bob Sugar says
I'm missing out being with you.

- You hear what I'm saying?
- That's why I called.

No, no... Do you truly
hear what I'm saying?

- I hear you, Dad.
- We have to get together.