Jerry Maguire

You are in... that's good.
I want to cry
for what they did to you.

If it wasn't for the Acura deal,
you know I'd go with you.

Jerry. Oh, God!
Call waiting.
Who could be calling me now?

- Hi, Kathy Sanders.
- Still me, Kathy.

Kathy, why are you crying?
Oh... so you're in.

Rod, it's Jerry Maguire.
Jerry Maguire! How am I doing?
I'll tell you. I'm sweating.
Where's my contract?

Bob Sugar says
I'm missing out being with you.

- You hear what I'm saying?
- That's why I called.

No, no... Do you truly
hear what I'm saying?

- I hear you, Dad.
- We have to get together.

- Hold on a minute, Rod.
- Personal attention.

- That's what you told my wife.
- That's what I said.

Good! We're just getting started
on the things you need to know.

I will kill for you.
I am a valuable commodity. There's
dudes out there trying to kill me.

I still catch the ball. Touchdown!
I make miracles happen.

Are you in?
I'm from Arizona.
I broke Arizona records.

I went to Arizona State!
- And now you want Arizona dollars.
- Exactly.

I'm sitting here
with an ant problem.

My brother Tee Pee's room
is flooded.

- Say hello to Jerry Maguire.
- Hello.