Jerry Maguire

- Hold on a minute, Rod.
- Personal attention.

- That's what you told my wife.
- That's what I said.

Good! We're just getting started
on the things you need to know.

I will kill for you.
I am a valuable commodity. There's
dudes out there trying to kill me.

I still catch the ball. Touchdown!
I make miracles happen.

Are you in?
I'm from Arizona.
I broke Arizona records.

I went to Arizona State!
- And now you want Arizona dollars.
- Exactly.

I'm sitting here
with an ant problem.

My brother Tee Pee's room
is flooded.

- Say hello to Jerry Maguire.
- Hello.

Hello, Tee Pee.
No one's looking out for me.
I'm supposed to be a superstar.

- Are you in or out?
- You stay with Bob Sugar!

I am a role model.
I have a family to support!

I want a contract in Arizona.
I like you.
My wife likes you.
You're good to my wife.

- I will stay with you.
- That's great.

That's what I'm gonna do for you.
God bless you, Jerry.

This is what you're gonna do for me.
What can I do for you?
You just tell me.

It's personal and very important.
Hell! It's a family motto.

- Are you ready, Jerry?
- I'm ready.

Here it is.