Jerry Maguire

We are so very, very back.
I resigned Cush. We're set.

- I am so happy for you.
- Happy for us.

Happy for us.
Rod, being at the draft will help.
Get on the plane and meet us there.

Good. See you there.
Avery will be at the B-gate at 4:15.
Do you know the human head
weighs eight pounds?

Troy Aikman, in only six years,
has passed for 16,303 yards.

- Bees and dogs can smell fear.
- I've booked Tidwell at the Mariot.

Pete Rose made 4,256 hits and
he's not in the Hall of Fame.

Did you know that my neighbour
has three rabbits?

I can't compete with that.
- Did we go over everything?
- Yep.

- Back on Tuesday, right?
- Yeah.

- Ray, wish me luck.
- Good luck!

- Hey, Rod, you made it.
- Jerry...

- Hi, Cush.
- We should be selling these.

This is my agent, you might
want to get his autograph.

- Excuse me...
- Are you Hootie?

No, I'm not Hootie.