Jerry Maguire

I can't compete with that.
- Did we go over everything?
- Yep.

- Back on Tuesday, right?
- Yeah.

- Ray, wish me luck.
- Good luck!

- Hey, Rod, you made it.
- Jerry...

- Hi, Cush.
- We should be selling these.

This is my agent, you might
want to get his autograph.

- Excuse me...
- Are you Hootie?

No, I'm not Hootie.
Is it gonna be San Diego or Denver?
He'll either surf or ski.
Rod, at last I find you.
What am I doing here, Jerry?
This ain't my party.

- Nobody gives a damn about me.
- Let's walk through the lobby.

I want the media and the reps
to see you for what you are:

The best-kept secret in the NFL.
You are the wide - receiver.
You're fast, fierce and charismatic.

You are the man! Ready?
Let's go. The fiercest.
You are the man.