Jerry Maguire

- Hey, you.
- Thanks for inviting me over.

- Where's the little guy?
- He's sleeping.

I'm so glad you're home.
Being alone is not my specialty.

- My God!
- Yeah.

Well, I broke up with Avery.
- That's too bad.
- No, it's for the best.

We'll still be friends.
It's better now than later.

- I'm dying here, aren't I?
- Yeah, it's a reaily bad cut.

Just think if I had got her
the ring she really wanted.

Why don't you have a seat?
I'll get some aloe vera for the cut.
- Do you have something to drink?
- Sure.

- I heard.
- I saw your shoes under the door.

This guy is looking for anyone
who'll show interest.

Don't use those.
Use the frosted glasses.

- I warmed up some chicken.
- I love you.

I won't say any more,
but what about Ray?

He shouldn't hear
a strange man's voice in the house.

- A drunken man's voice.
- What about ten angry women?

Lean forward. Okay, I've got it.
It's still edible.
Change your shirt.

Hi, Jerry.