Jerry Maguire

- Where are you taking her tonight?
- You're the nanny?

- Au pair.
- Au pair?

He likes you.
Ray, I've got some gifts for you.
Do you like presents?

Arizona Cardinals.
It's the team Rod plays for.

- Is that your laundry?
- Would you like a Steelers hat?

- I've got it in grey, too.
- Thanks, Jerry.

And I've got an energy bar.
This will keep you up all night.

That's not a good idea.
I'll take that.

Hey, it looks like you've got a fan.
That's more than a dress,
that's an Audrey Hepburn movie.

I got a bit revved up at the thought
of an evening among adults.

- Jerry, Chad. Chad, Jerry.
- Yeah... Am I dressed okay?

- Don't let him stay up too late.
- Tonight he'll learn about jazz.

that'll put him to sleep early.

I want to go too.
No, you stay here with Chad
and be good. Kiss me.

Let's go.
- Good night.
- Give me a hug.