Jerry Maguire

You'd better not mess up tonight.
What did I say? He's always
nervous for televised games.

The Cowboys contlnue their mlssion
on Monday Night Football.

Hey, Shannon.
Great column this morning.

What a bruiser.
The Cardinals just refuse to go
quietly into the desert night.

I'm just trying
to be a little poetic.

A tough hit on Tidwell.
- I'd have made a touchdown.
- That's his sixth catch tonlght.

A first down
at the 19 yard line.

- Another savage hit on Tidwell.
- They're really working Tidwell.

- What does Daddy always say?
- It looks worse than it is.

- He's gonna kill himself.
- Will you be quiet!

Two minutes to play.
Dallas leading by three.

Second down and one,
at the Dallas 11 yard line.

Down he goes for a slx yard loss.
Good move.
Swenson had too many men
in that pattern.

90 razor,
X-out on one, ready?