Jerry Maguire

- I'd have made a touchdown.
- That's his sixth catch tonlght.

A first down
at the 19 yard line.

- Another savage hit on Tidwell.
- They're really working Tidwell.

- What does Daddy always say?
- It looks worse than it is.

- He's gonna kill himself.
- Will you be quiet!

Two minutes to play.
Dallas leading by three.

Second down and one,
at the Dallas 11 yard line.

Down he goes for a slx yard loss.
Good move.
Swenson had too many men
in that pattern.

90 razor,
X-out on one, ready?

They had a chance there.
But from second and one
they've gone to third and seven.

Dallas 17, Arizona 14.
Tidwell in motion.
Moving back to his left.

Swenson puts one into the endzone.
Tidwell Touchdown Cardinals!

Tidwell held onto the football,
but he's still down on the ground.

He hit the ground hard, but managed
to maintain control of the football.

- He's hurt, too.
- He's not getting up.

- Look at the players' faces.
- Get up, baby.

The trainer ls on the field. It was
Tidwell's ninth catch of the night.

Can you hear me, Rod?