Jerry Maguire

They had a chance there.
But from second and one
they've gone to third and seven.

Dallas 17, Arizona 14.
Tidwell in motion.
Moving back to his left.

Swenson puts one into the endzone.
Tidwell Touchdown Cardinals!

Tidwell held onto the football,
but he's still down on the ground.

He hit the ground hard, but managed
to maintain control of the football.

- He's hurt, too.
- He's not getting up.

- Look at the players' faces.
- Get up, baby.

The trainer ls on the field. It was
Tidwell's ninth catch of the night.

Can you hear me, Rod?
Commercial! Show me what's wrong
with my husband.

I told you he was
too small for the NFL.

- I'm just stating the truth.
- Tee Pee, shut up!

Can't you be loyal to your brother?
Get the hell out of my house!

Hello? Hold on.
It's Jerry Maguire.

- Jerry, I am freaking out.
- Marcee, he's unconscious.

Just stay calm.
I'll call you back.

There are good doctors here.
- I cannot stay calm.
- Stay calm.

Your family needs you to stay calm.
My whole life is this family,
and it does not work without him!