Killer Barbys

I smeII you, fox!
Stop that. Let's go
to the jetty.

No, boss! It's better Iike
this, without head!

Son of a bitch!
What a pity! It's
a magnificent instrument.

Fuck! I think it's from
the Superior PaIaeoIithic.

I prefer a good
methacryIate piano...

I know this woman. Fuck, of
course I know her! She's OIga Luján

No idea.
Of course, she did fiIms and went
to HoIIywood, Paris and sang...

Yes, that's it.
And that daring song...

''I've got a treasure
between my Iegs''

- It's was very famous.
- Stop fooIing around!

The butIer toId us that she
was Luis II's favourite...

...then, when she sang this
of 'I have a treasure...'

...she must be 100 years oId,
but she must be gorgeous.

Okay, it's impossibIe,
but it's the same woman.