Killer Barbys

What a pity! It's
a magnificent instrument.

Fuck! I think it's from
the Superior PaIaeoIithic.

I prefer a good
methacryIate piano...

I know this woman. Fuck, of
course I know her! She's OIga Luján

No idea.
Of course, she did fiIms and went
to HoIIywood, Paris and sang...

Yes, that's it.
And that daring song...

''I've got a treasure
between my Iegs''

- It's was very famous.
- Stop fooIing around!

The butIer toId us that she
was Luis II's favourite...

...then, when she sang this
of 'I have a treasure...'

...she must be 100 years oId,
but she must be gorgeous.

Okay, it's impossibIe,
but it's the same woman.

- I'm not so sure.
- Look at here.

Your van wiII be repaired
in a coupIe of hours.

Have they come to repair it?
- Yes, of course.

The countess invites you to
have Iunch...

...and wiII come down to
pay her respects to you.

Thank you. I've started
to doubt her existence.

''WeII paid, web paid,
were you, woman...''