La Sindrome di Stendhal

- Christ, where were you?
- Here!

- I called you over and over!
- Maybe I was in the bathroom.

- Did you get my message?
- No.

This afternoon they found Alfredo
Grossi's body in the canal.

- So?
- So?!

- Why don't you let me in?
- Why should I?

Don't you realize he's dead?
It wasn't...

- No! No!
- Calm down!

No! No! No!
My God!
He forced his way in here...
he was saying crazy things...
he made no sense...

And then... and then he tried...
he wanted to rape me!

He tried to do the same thing
Alfredo did!

It was him, Marco...
He killed Marie!

He was the only one who knew
everything... because I told him!

- Why didn't you call us?
- Don't you understand?

He killed Marie out of jealousy.
He didn't want me to love
anybody else.

Why didn't you call me?
Anna, I don't believe it,
I mean, I just don't...

- What don't you believe?
- I don't believe it.

That the doctor wanted to rape
you and that he killed Marie!

What do you believe then?
Anna, I don't think
you understand right now, okay?