Le Jaguar

Goddam trading post!
Terribly sorry.
He's never gone out alone.

l want to have my coat...
and give these back.
That's a tough one!
lf you've initiated the gift ritual...
What ritual? l'm not into ritual!
To take a gift back is a major insult.
What gift?
lt's cold, l lent him my coat.

Now l need it to go home.
Tell this bozo to stop!
A fertility necklace!
lt's a sign of respect.
l want my coat now--or else!
l'll get my checkbook.
What for?
To buy the coat. He can't imagine
a friend taking it back.

What have l done?
Tell me how much l owe you.
Never mind!
lt's out of your league. Keep it.
l need way more cash than that!
l'm very touched, sir.
My name's Jean Campana.
Do l get my keys back?
Does he keep my car?
l said it was your fetish.
Nice move! Goodnight.
No! You stay! You not come!
Put him on a leash
so l can split!