Le Jaguar

Mr Matecamu, can l talk to you?
My name's Fran├žois Perrin,
l think we're in business.

l'm an honest man.
l always pay my debts,
l have principles.

l owe you $1 00,000.
l swear l'll pay you.

But l need more time,
2 weeks at most...

What do you do?
You have a job?
l'm in deluxe real estate,
in the Balearic lslands.

l have a property you may like.
By the sea,
pool and tennis court...

Let's talk about it
when we've settled our problem.

l have a son like you.
Same age, same charm, same gall.
ls that so?
The creep
has bugged me since he was born.
He's a liar, a thief,
a skirt-chaser, a drunk,
and maybe a junkie.

He's dumb enough.
l'm not into drugs!
l'd love to murder him,
but his mother protects him.
There's nothing l can do.
Could l talk to him? Youth to youth...
You get no more time.
Pay up by the end of the week.
That's impossible.
l'll tell them you need special care.
As if you were my own son.
lndians are wonderful,
l lived with them all my life.

My parents were anthropologists.
l was ten when they died.
l was raised by the tribe.

- Have a nice trip.
- Thanks.

Time for a coffee before takeoff.
Not for me.
l'll be at the gate.