Le Jaguar

l swear!
Stop, l'll pay you!
l swear! Stop!
You're leaving in a wheelchair!
You OK?
Who taught you to fight?
- Who were those guys?
- No idea.

They followed us from Paris.
l saw their car.

How odd. That'll teach them
not to steal.

We stop in Rio.
l know someone in Rio!
A babe l met in a disco!
She's hot!

She gave me her number.
Hope l've got it.

She may have a chick for you!
We only have an hour to make
the flight to the Amazon.

Wanu gave me this for you.
Wear it around your neck.
Around your neck!
You hear me, Perrin?
Sure, around my neck.
lt's of great spiritual value.
Take it out of your pocket.

A million for the new Ferrari!
What a powerhouse!

- What's with you?
- Think of your mission.

l am!
Give me the pouch.
What pouch? Oh, yeah.
You never asked what's in it.
So l'll ask. What's in the pouch?
Rock crystals containing
the Spirits of the Forests and Rivers.

Glad l asked.