Loch Ness

is because I chased
a no-show monster for three years!

- I won't have any credibility left.
- You don't have any credibility.

And now you don't have any career.
Unless I say so.
What's the problem here?

Just run the sonar up the loch,
bring me evidence nothing's there.

I get my equipment back,
you regain credibility and get paid.

Screw the money. I won't do it.
That's brave talk for a guy
that has to hitch... hike home tonight.

John, I've got letters on my desk
from the IRS about you.

Not to mention communications
from the lawyers of your ex-wife.

Yeah, I may be broke
and have no credibility left,

but I do have some dignity.
That's blackmail. So why don't you
take the whole loch and shove it?

Make that reservation for Scotland
for Dr John Dempsey.

Yeah. In coach, of course.
I don't know, hold on...
John, window or aisle?
- Window.
- Window.

Dr Dempsey?
Hello, I'm Adrian Foote.
Your research assistant.